From the Ground Up

Why You Should Build on Your Own Lot


Starting the homebuying process comes with many choices, and one of the first choices you’ll have to make is whether to buy an existing home on a lot that you didn’t choose or to find your own lot first and build your dream home. Here are some of the benefits that come with building a home on the lot of your choice.

  • Location is everything!

This might seem obvious, but the greatest benefit of choosing your own lot is being able to pinpoint exactly where you want your new home to be. You’ll get to choose much more than just the neighborhood or zip code where you’d like to live. If the lot is in an existing subdivision, you can choose the exact place on the street where your home will be built. If you prefer to be away from established neighborhoods, and prefer a certain view of nature, choosing the right lot gives you the freedom to choose your own view and make sure nothing is blocking it.

  • Get exactly what you want

Building a custom home on your lot lets you customize your dream home even more than you’d be able to if you were building on a pre-planned lot. You can start with a floor plan provided by your builder, but if you want anything specific changed, your builder can work with you to adjust the floor plan and make sure it fits the lot. You also won’t have to worry about any restrictions by your neighbors’ homes or backyards if you want to create an addition to the home eventually, or a well built out outdoor space. Want a huge pool in the backyard, or maybe a fence around the perimeter? Or maybe a few years down the line you decide you want to add on another bedroom. You don’t have to worry about getting permission from anyone to do those things on your own lot, building on your own lot allows you much more flexibility and customization.

  • Potential to expand

Properties built outside of existing subdivisions also offer the chance to do more with the land than just building the home itself. Again, you don’t have to worry about dealing with any restrictions on outbuildings, guesthouses, detached garages, or other buildings. Some established communities won’t allow any of these things at all. What if somewhere down the line, you want to create a she-shed or a guesthouse for your in-laws? If you live in an established community, you may have to pick up and move all together if you really want those things. But when you build on your own lot, you are truly free to create the home and space that you want.

  • Intangible connection

Pinpointing exactly where you want to  live and having complete control over what your space will look like is an intangible benefit that is hard to quantify. The home and entire space will truly feel yours, as you build it from the ground up and see it through to completion. It creates an emotional connection to the new home that you’ve created from scratch. The home will also have everything that you envisioned and exactly fit your design and lifestyle preferences, making that connection even stronger.

Building on an existing lot may have the convenience factor as you don’t have to scout out a piece of land, but hand picking your own lot to build your custom home only furthers your customization options and makes the home that much more special.

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