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Why You Should Build a Home in West Michigan


Trying to decide where to put down roots and build your dream home can be a difficult decision, but here at Elon Homes we know that West Michigan is the place to be. Here are nine reasons why you should build your custom home in West Michigan.

1. Grand Rapids is an emerging housing market

In 2019, Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI was ranked 2nd in’s hottest housing markets. Factors that played into this ranking were growing economy, growing population, a growing young and Millennial population, and growing new home construction. 

2. Great Place to Raise a Family

Forbes ranked Grand Rapids #1 in best cities for raising a family. Low cost of living, quality schools, stable housing market, and low crime are a few reasons why it was given the top spot. There are also a lot of family friendly activities to do in the area.

3. You Get to Enjoy Four Seasons

Michigan experiences all four seasons in their entirety, from snowy winters, bloom filled springs,  hot summers, and beautiful fall trees. There are fun activities that go along with each season. You can go skiing, snowboarding, and sledding in the winter. Visit the Holland Tulip Festival in the spring. Enjoy life on the lake in the summer months and stop at one of the many apple orchards in the fall. 

4. Strong Social Life

There is a lot to do in West Michigan. From relaxing on the beach off Lake Michigan during the day to enjoying the night life in Grand Rapids. With great high quality breweries, there is no better place in the country to lift a glass to the good times than Grand Rapids.

West Michigan is also home to numerous festivals like Tulip Time in Holland or ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. Sports fans can also enjoy fun games like the West Michigan Whitecaps, Grand Rapids Drive, and Grand Rapids Griffins. 

5. Retirement

West Michigan is also a great place to settle down and retire. U.S. News and World Report named Grand Rapids one of the best places to retire based on social security alone. AARP also named it in the top five cities to retire in. Download our Building Your Dream Home for Retirement Guide here. 

6. Enjoy the Outdoors

West Michigan has over 2,000 acres of parks, trails, award winning golf courses, and skiing. West Michigan is rated the 8th best golf region in the country, offers nine ski resorts within 200 miles, has several hundred miles of bike trails, 18 world-class beaches, hundreds of inland lakes, and it has the most outdoor sports activities than any other region in the country. 

7. Higher Education

West Michigan is home to more than 15 different colleges and universities. There are a lot of options for students who want to stay in the West Michigan area, plus the strong educational network provides the Grand Rapids business community with a pipeline of highly skilled talent. 

8. Community Involvement

West Michigan is a top ranking region in the country for philanthropy. The region is above the national average when it comes to hours spent volunteering. The region comes together to offer support, their time, and their money to make a difference in the community.

9. Great Schools and Childcare

Education is a top priority for all of West Michigan which is why the region has some of the best public schools in the country. West Michigan also offers top private and charter schools throughout the region. In the whole state of Michigan, East Grand Rapids is ranked the #1 school district. 

Download our Ultimate Guide to Home Building in West Michigan to receive a free Michigan ornament and learn about the custom home process!