From the Ground Up

How to Prepare for a Final Walkthrough


The final step in the custom home building process is the final walkthrough. Although you may be eager to move into your beautiful new place, it's important you don't rush this step. It's the last opportunity to make sure everything is perfect and just how you imagined it. So take your time and come prepared, we have laid out everything you need to do before your walkthrough to ensure it is a success, plus we have included a free checklist!

Check Your Warranty

Being aware your home warranty is important. Not everything might be covered by your warranty so it's crucial to go through the checklist so you don't have to worry about the warranty process in the future. Here at Elon Homes, you can contact us at any time if you any questions regarding your home warranty. 

Schedule More Time Than You Think

You don't want to rush through the final walkthrough because you have somewhere else to be right after. By going through this process too quickly, it will only hurt you in the long run. Both you and the builder should take your time to make sure everything is right. You should plan to be gone for a few hours.

Leave Distractions Behind

Since this is such a crucial step in the process, it's important all of your attention is dedicated to the final walkthrough. Don't bring the kids, pets, family, friends, or any other distractions with you. Also, it might be smart to turn your phone on silent or on do not disturb so you are fully focused on the final walkthrough. 

Come Prepared

You don't want to go into your final walkthrough blind. We have made a final walkthrough checklist so you know what to check for. From testing the electrical outlets work to making sure the toilet flushes well - we have everything covered so you don't miss any small details. You can download this checklist here. Additionally, some things you might want to take with you are:

- Pen

- Bright labeling stickers

- Camera

- The Final Walkthrough Checklist

- Clipboard 

How to Address Potential Issues

It's important to communicate to your builder if any issues arise. This is the last time you can have the builder make any changes before you move in. Being open and honest with your builder is crucial. You can make a list of issues you want changed and create a timeline with the builder. Hopefully there won't be any major issues that will delay your move in date, but it's important to plan everything out and be open to the possibility of a delay. 


Download the free Final Walkthrough Checklist here:

Download Checklist