From the Ground Up

How to Design a Kitchen for Entertaining


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Kitchens are a natural gathering area and deserve special attention while designing your custom home. Here are some design tips to consider when building your custom kitchen with an entertainment focus:

Open Concept Layout

Since the kitchen is the center of the action, having open access to surrounding rooms will make guests feel comfortable and allow everyone to mingle with ease. Having a closed-off kitchen can isolate the host from the guests and also create an over-crowded kitchen. An open layout kitchen accommodates guests and allows the host to take part in the action while simultaneously serving up food and drinks. 

Incorporate an Island (or Two!)

Kitchen islands create division in an open floor plan while providing counter space, storage, and additional seating for guests. By adding stools, the island becomes a great spot for guests to sit and enjoy their drinks and appetizers. For a larger kitchen, two islands can help separate cooking and serving areas. 

Choose the Right Appliances

Appliances can really enhance the entertaining experience. Having a large refrigerator can hold all of the food, having two ovens can help serve hot food all at the same time. Double dishwashers can accommodate dirty pots and pans. Even adding warming drawers or a wine cooler can be something to consider. Think about any inconveniences you face while hosting in your current home and incorporate fixes into the new design.

Maximize Storage

Having ample storage space can help with the entertaining process. All of the extra cookware, plates, glasses, and food will have specific places to be stored while not in use. Ensuring that there is enough cabinet space and having a large pantry is something to keep in mind depending on the type of hosting you do. 

Consider a Wet Bar or Beverage Station

Adding a wet bar can elevate your entertaining while separating drinks from the action in the kitchen. Consider incorporating a wet bar that has storage and an extra sink or a section in your kitchen for coffee and tea. 

Offer Outdoor Options

Many kitchens and living areas are located near an outdoor space or patio. When planning your floor plan, consider installing French doors or sliding panels that can easily open the party up to the outdoors. This can create a nice atmosphere on mild evenings, and also provide guests with more seating options. 

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