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Home Office Tips

 As working from home has become the new normal, it’s important to evaluate your home office situation. Is your current workspace conductive to productivity? Are there too many distractions? Is there not enough space? Does your family need two offices?

Having a great home office space can help you get more work done and be in a more professional setting. Remote working will likely continue at least part of the time for the next few years. Some companies don’t even see the point of renting office space anymore if their employees can just work from home, so now is the time to invest in a house that satisfies your work needs.

Building a custom home is the perfect answer to this work from home situation. If you are spending all day at your house, you want it to be a functional space that you enjoy being in. A custom home is designed specifically for you, so if you need two offices, that can be done.

At Elon Homes, we can help you design the home of your dreams. We understand that your needs are changing, so we are adapting our floor plans accordingly. Whether you choose a floor plan or start from scratch, we can ensure that your home will be uniquely yours.

Here are some tips of how your new home office can be designed:

1. Location is everything

Picking the perfect spot in the house for your office to go is the first step. Do you want it on the first level or second? We recommend having your office away from high traffic areas to avoid distractions. But it’s ultimately up to you! If you want to be near the kitchen so you can have easy access to food, that can be done. That is what is so great about a custom home, it’s all about your preferences.

2. Allow for enough space

Your office doesn’t have to be tiny and cramped in a custom home, it can be as large as you like. If you want a break from your desk for a few hours a day, you can add some comfortable furniture or have a space to meet with clients. To have a productive workday, you don’t want to feel cluttered so make sure you have room to spread out.

3. Give yourself a view

Having natural light brightens up the room and makes it much more welcoming. Consider adding a window or a few windows to make your office warm and cheery. You can design the floor plan of your office so that your desk is positioned facing a window. Even adding a skylight can be a great option to brighten up the room.

4. Storage and Shelving

If you want built in shelving, that can be part of your custom home plan. You can even have shelving that attaches to a desk. You can also include a closet in the home design, so you have extra storage space.

5. Paint the walls a color you love

Instead of having a boring beige color, you can make your office a cheery, bright color or a calmer color like seafoam blue. You can even add wallpaper. What’s great about a custom home, is it comes move in ready. You won’t have to paint the room after you move in, it’ll come ready to go with whatever color you want.

To learn even more home office tips, download our home office guide!

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