From the Ground Up

Elements to Consider When Building a Custom Floor Plan

When deciding between floor plans or customizing your own, there are a lot of factors to consider. Besides the normal bedrooms, kitchen, living area that come in every house, since this is a custom home - consider adding some unique elements that aren’t as common. Here a few ideas to consider when building out your custom floor plan.



Mudrooms can be a great addition to a home, especially if you have kids. Busy schedules and activities can sometimes make the home messy, but a mudroom can help organize the chaos. When designing the mudroom, it’s important to evaluate your priorities. Do you value a large closet over a bench area? Drawers or cabinet space? Or maybe you want enclosed lockers instead of open lockers.

Consider your daily life and design a mudroom that fits your needs. So if you want a phone charging station, mail drop, or a place to store keys – you can choose what you will actually use on a daily basis.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

Having a jack and jill bathroom is great for ease of use. They are most commonly used between two children’s bedrooms. Instead of adding a private bathroom to each bedroom, the jack and jill bath is a good way to save money and floor plan space. Even though it is a shared space, there is actually more privacy than a hallway bath since it can only accessed through the two bedrooms. 

That also could be a downside though, especially if there is a shared space nearby like a bonus room. You may have to add an additional half bathroom for guests. Other things to consider is that you will have to add an additional door which will use up wall space and design space. 

When designing the jack and jill bathroom, think about how you will split the bathroom. Since it is a shared space, it’s nice to have an area that each user can call their own. Adding two vanity spaces allows kids to get ready at once without elbowing each other over counter space. 

Upstairs Laundry Room

In your custom home, you can put the laundry room where it works for you the best. If you hate lugging your laundry up and down the stairs, you might consider just having the laundry room upstairs with the bedrooms. It really depends on what’s functional for you though, if you spend most of the day on the main floor than you may not want to go up and down the stairs each time the washer goes off. Choose what fits your daily life, as this decision will change the floor plans of both levels.


Basements can be a great space to add to your custom home. If you love to entertain, it can be a space for family and friends to interact, watch movies, or play games. Or you may want to design a space that secludes off spaces to separate what each group wants to do. The design of the space will greatly determine how it can be used. Plan ahead of time what you will use the basement for so you can design it in a way where you will actually utilize the space.

Whatever you want to add to your floor plan, Elon Homes can help make it happen. Browse our current floor plans or contact us if you want to start from scratch!