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Custom Home Trends For 2021

The comfort of your home has never been more important than today. 2020 did not just change us as people but it changed our homes as well. As working from home and quarantining kept us in our homes more than we expected, custom home building trends have adapted to this new lifestyle.


Large Kitchen Spaces

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, so why not make it grand? Families want a large, multi-functioning space that allows a spot for the kids to do homework at the island while meal preparation is going on at the same time. In fact, according to a survey, 87& of homeowners want a kitchen that functions in a variety of ways, not just for cooking. Larger kitchen islands and updated appliances are emerging as a design trend.


Home Office

One trend that is here to stay is a work from home space. Some companies have decided never to go into the office again as a result of the pandemic, while others are not making it acceptable to work from home at least part of the time. This means homeowners desire a true, designated workspace or office for privacy and a neutral background for Zoom meetings. Check out our home office guide for tips for designing the ideal office space.



Technology and smart home features continue to be on the rise. Automated lighting and smart phone home integration will become more and more common. Additionally, voice activated features on appliances and touch-less window treatments, faucets, and toilets are also on the rise.


The Great Outdoors

Outdoor space has always been important but it’s become increasingly more important with the pandemic when everyone was trapped inside for so long. Outdoor kitchens, dining spaces, and living rooms are more common and give more places to enjoy as we spend more time at home. You can even include outdoor sound systems, televisions, and wet bars. Hot tubs and swimming pool sales reached an all time high last year and the trend is looking to continue.


At-home Gym

Although most gyms have opened back up in 2021, home gym and workout spaces will continue to rise this year. A lot of people realized they don’t need a gym membership with all of the great access to workout apps and videos. Home gym equipment like Peloton and NordicTrack sales have skyrocketed and the wait to receive those items can be months long. In Michigan, when exercising outside in the winter is difficult, a home gym is a must in a new custom floor plan.


Other trends

Other trends for custom home design in 2021 include: large laundry rooms, areas for gardening, dedicated playrooms, and spacious master bathrooms.


While 2020 was difficult, it also shed light on updates that you can make on your home to make it truly your dream home. A custom home is the perfect way to do that, download our Ultimate Guide to Building a Home to learn more about the process.


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