From the Ground Up

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Custom Home


A lot of people who are interested in custom home building are doing it for the first time. Since it is a new process for most people, there are some common mistakes that people face. 

1. Not Doing Your Homework First

It’s important to go into this process with an idea of what you want. Although you don’t need to know every single specific, having a general idea of the number of rooms you want, or the general floor plan is important. Don’t go into the process blind, evaluate your wants and needs and write it all down beforehand. Researching your builder is crucial too. This will likely be the largest expense of your life, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with who you’re spending it with. 

2. Compromising Location for Price

The location and lot of your new home is an important piece of this process. Sometimes homeowners are tempted by a cheaper lot, but it’s important to remember how location can add so much value to your home. Having a home in a prime location will give you a bigger return on investment in the long run.

3. Failure to Make Changes in the Design Phase

Another tip would be to take a lot of time during the design phase and not rush this step. It’s a lot easier to make changes during this phase than in the construction phase. It not only is more expensive during the construction phase, but it can delay the timeline as well if additional crew members are needed or supplies need to be ordered. 

4. Going for the “Basic” Design

The point of building a custom home is that it is unique to you and unlike any other home, so don’t have your home look like every other house on the street. Sometimes homeowners get overwhelmed by the decisions and it causes them to revert to basic floor plans. At Elon Homes we can help walk you through the process to ensure you are getting everything you want, and the home is perfect for you and your family’s needs.

5. Not Planning for the Long Term

Building a custom home is a big decision, so you are probably wanting to stay for quite a while. It’s important to consider any changing factors for the future. Maybe you’re planning on having more children and want to prepare for extra bedrooms. Or maybe you want to plan for when you age, like having your master bedroom on the first floor. 

6. Second Guessing Yourself

There are a lot of decisions to be made during the home building process, some big and some small. Since there are hundreds of decisions that need to be made, second guessing yourself at every turn can seriously slow down the process. At Elon Homes, we have years of experience building custom homes so you can always rely on us if you are having trouble deciding.

7. Adding Rooms You Don’t Need

It can be easy to get carried away with the endless possibilities of building a custom home, however it’s important to be realistic when planning. If you aren’t going to use the room, they can end up being a dumping ground for storage or laundry. Plan for rooms that can double as something else in the future, so it doesn’t end up being wasted space. 

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