From the Ground Up

5 Reasons to Build a Custom Home


Building a custom home is the best way to create a home that fits all of your lifestyle needs and wants. Anything you could ever want can be customized and made into the perfect home. Here are 5 reasons why you should build a custom home:

Unlimited Customization

Rather than just choosing the light fixtures and countertops, when you build a custom home you have the opportunity to choose everything. Your new home can be customized to your work, family, and lifestyle needs. If you work at home and need an amazing home office, say no more. Or, if you plan on having a big family and want a huge living room and decked out basement, no problem. The opportunities are truly endless.

Lot Variety

Tract and spec builders buy specific lots and then proceed to build on those lots. Custom home builders aren’t limited to these lots, if you happen to have land and it has enough space to be built on, a custom builder can build on that lot.

Personalized Service

Custom builders typically only do a few per year since there is so much detail and personalization that goes into each home. When you work with a custom builder, you will have most if not all of their attention and focus.

Ability to Plan Ahead

Custom builds are “future-proof”, meaning that if you think you may have a larger family down the road, you can plan for that in your custom build. Many people choose to move to a new home to accommodate a growing family. Custom homes allow you to build a home that fits your needs in the present, while also taking into account what your needs might be in the future.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Buying an existing home can sometimes be unpredictable when it comes to unexpected maintenance that occurs years after the home has been purchased. Everything in a custom home is brand new, with direct manufacturer warranties. You don’t have to worry about regular maintenance, and in the instance that something does break, you can use the warranty to replace it at a lower cost.

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